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This program is designed specifically for the benefit of our implant proficiency course participants.

In an effort to ensure that you continue your learning phase in the journey of implantology without any road blocks CCI has devised a mentorship personalised one-on-one guidance program.

After having learnt the fundamentals of implantology single tooth cases can be treated with ease and confidence but for the more challenging scenarios of multiple missing teeth and full arch cases, CCI provides you the option of performing them at the centre under the faculty’s personalisedguidance.

This program will help the participant gain mastery on the basic procedures, learn the diagnostic approach to complex cases, delve deeper in gaining knowledge and surgical acumen in performing the case and handling complications under supervision.

The participant may approach the centre with a case of their own or can request the centre to arrange the same.

For further information and to setup your individual surgery please contact the centre.


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